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Tiffany Wood – Blom Photography

As a child you would always find me running around in some sort of makeshift dress or gown that I pieced together using yards of fabric. My favorite was this purple and gold shiny material that I would tie and wrap and weave around myself to create my own fairy princess dress.

I initially wanted to be a fashion designer, but this changed as my love for photography grew when I was 10 years old and I received my first film camera. Recently, I decided to rekindle my love for gowns and join it with my passion for photography by making dresses where I could venture off to remote (or popular) locations around the Northern Rockies (and other areas of Canada) and take pictures like I was that fantasy character from my childhood.

All of the gowns I currently have are made by me -- in the limited time I have between being a mother of twins. I currently have a red infinity dress, a black flowy skirt, and a white lace gown. All are available for rent by clients and other photographers, or for those wanting photo sessions by me.

I feel that everyone should have the chance to live that childhood fantasy of being a beautiful goddess and play dress-up -- if they want to. @blomphotography (You can also follow my dress and hobby making activities @sheltie_travels )

Flying Dress Series