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Kaylana MacKay

I am Fort Nelson, born and raised. I enjoy hunting, fishing, trapping and spending time with my four beautiful girls. I first started doing skull art/European mounts when I stumbled upon a discarded moose skull while fishing, I took it home to clean it up, and the rest is history! My oldest daughter was not a fan of the skulls, so I compromised by adding silk flowers. It quickly became one of my favourite ways to decorate the skulls, and she agreed it was a beautiful compromise. I get a lot of inspiration from my daughters; they all have different personalities that I can use in my art to make it pretty or bold, delicate or robust and maybe even a dash of odd and wild! I have found love and passion for bringing things back to life through art. I hope you, too, can see the beauty in the bones as we do.
You can purchase or view my work at the Visitors Center.