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Holly Stark

I saw you, you were what I wanted, yes we both were young but I wanted to marry you under the spruce
trees, just like everyone else.
I wanted to be a bride and have my wedding planner, I didn’t wanna kiss you, but I wanted to be in love.
I wanted to talk to you, you did you said “Hi” the most beautiful thing I wanted to hear.
I ran to the front of the school got on the bus and went home happier than ever.
Morning fell to night and dusk fell to dawn.
I awoke and when to school, so happy to talk to you again, but there was a girl and little did I know she was
your world.
I saw her holding your hand, I walked away but she met me face to face. She made it clear “.
She was yours and you weren’t mine, it bruised my heart.. it hurt.. I wanted you to be mine.
I was young, Barbie’s married kens and Cinderella’s got there happily ever after.
I thought boys were handsome and when I saw them I just new they were my crush.
I thought that was love, I didn’t know where it came from, except a feeling you hold close in your heart.
Like.. love.. love.. like.. crushes and mushy feelings of wanting to hold there hand or be with them at
Oh those butterflies, those happy feelings, those beautiful crushes.

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