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Sarah Michel

Winter in Emily’s town was a time of mixed emotions, with the beauty and awe of the

glistening snow and the frigid air. She loved the magic of snow and the cosy nights by the

fire, as well as the fun of skating on the frozen pond and sledding down the hill. Building

snowmen and snow fortresses was always a favourite activity, and she often did these

activities with her younger brother Evan. They would bundle up in warm clothes and spend

hours exploring the winter wonderland, laughing and having a great time. On clear nights,

Emily and Evan loved to step outside and look up at the Northern Lights, and the holiday

season was a time of love and generosity.

One morning, as the first snowfall of the season blanketed the town, Emily

looked up at their mother and asked, “What does winter feel like?”

“A cool, chilly start to the morning without my hugs,” the mother replied, as she quickly put

on her slippers and bundled up near the fire in the fireplace.

The little girl then asked, “Mama, can winter stay or does it go?”

“No dear,” the mother replied. “It will not stay, it will melt to help the flowers grow in spring. It

is time for you to help your brother Evan awake to see the first snowfall.”

As the family ventured outside to enjoy the snow, Emily couldn’t help but feel a sense of

sadness, knowing that it was time to say goodbye to the beauty and magic of the winter

months. But she knew that she would always have wonderful memories of the winter

adventures she shared with Evan and her family.

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