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Dawn Travis

Twelve months earlier, the evening Skies had blossomed into a glorious display Of

accompanied by the heroic sound of the powerful forces. Indeed, the thunder and lightning

danced and Sang their Way across the Vast darkening skies. The orchestrated beauty of the

movement echoed far and Wide, bringing a special energy and life-force to all that could See the

reigning pageant. As we watched from inside the comfort of our cozy cabin, we were in awe of

the majestic grandeur of the forces. The strength and power made our existence seem ever SO

small by Comparison. As we continued to watch the show placed before us, we felt warm, dry and

protected. With a warm drink and a shared blanket, we enjoyed the exhilarating entertainment, in

the security of a place called Home.

In a different time and a different place, we walked hand in hand along the water’s edge gazing at

all the wonders that are ours to behold. We shared the moments and marvelled at the beauty and

creativity that is all around. We filled our hearts and souls with the simple pleasures that are

always laid before us, free for the taking. The air so fresh. The earth so pure. The sky so giving. The

warmth so nurturing. Life is so fulfilling when you allow yourself the time to enjoy these simple

pleasures. Yes, life is good!

The sun reached for us as we strolled along. We felt the heat. We breathed the freshness. We

walked upon the solid ground and we smiled as our souls were uplifted. Confidently we walked

further into the woods rejoicing with all our fortune. Whistling as we walked, we soon felt a

change. It started as a mere twinkle, a soft touch, a Whisper. Ever so gently, it nudged the sunshine

into a hiding place. At first, it was a game, as the happy sun peeked back, again and again to see all

the happiness it had created. Then, as a drop fell and another and another, the sun knew its’ place

and it could peek no longer. It vanished to a far-off dark corner, unwanted, alone. It is then that we

knew. The change was a resounding echo of the previous drama, One year ago. Yes, we knew. But,

this time it was different. We were outdoors. Unprepared. We were no longer warm, dry and

protected. We were at the whim of the elements.

The drops soon held together, tight! They moved the leaves, then the branches, then the trunks.

The waves of powerful drops continued, one after another.

Unwelcomed. Unwanted. unprovoked.

It continued. Unrelenting. Unabated. Unstoppable. Uncontrollable.

Two souls still alive with the grandeur of it all, were forced to see things in a different light. Unlike

the sun, that knew it needed to leave, we were now all encompassed with the ways of the world.

The thundering roar of the storm engulfed us and with limited vision we could hear the trees

powerless against the mighty slash of the strikes. Crashing through everything along the course of

its fall, strike after strike the trees were no match against the forces of nature. Once majestic and

strong, now split and torn to sheds, the trees had been reduced to a mangled image of their

former selves.

With no place to run, no place to hide, we too, became potential victims of the forces. Our spirits

now downsized, we fought the wrath and fury of the wild, unbridled passion.

The madness! Oh, the madness! The madness! The madness! The madness! Again and again. We

were so small. Small. Small. We stopped. We looked at one another. We knew. Nothing was said.

Not one word. But we knew. We were powerless against the forces. We had no control. It was not

within our means to take the reigns and regulate a power that was far greater them we could ever

be. Far greater then we could ever hope to be. It was the energy and the life-force that was the

beginning and the end of all that is. Standing there. Staring at each other. Wet, cold, unprotected,

at the mercy of the elements; earth, water, air and fire, we knew. Oh yes, we knew! It was then

that the extra special moment overtook us. As we continued to stare at each other, eye to eye, a

tiny smile began to appear, first on one lip, the top lip, then the other. The smile turned to

laughter, uncontrollable laughter. Unbridled, unrelenting, unstoppable laughter! For we knew one

thing. We knew one glorious, all inspiring things. We knew that although we could never have the

power to control our situation, we did have the power to control our attitude. Yes, we knew! And

we laughed and we laughed, and we grew in a place called Heart.

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