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Cameron Diamond

Late in the afternoon I’m sat in my living room mindlessly watching TV, my apartment isn’t anything special. One bedroom, apartment, small kitchen, high up on the 14th floor my room lies. The TV is stationed on a news channel, a reporter talking about some lake and how nice it is this time of year. The sun starts to set and the sky turns an orange colour. I feel my stomach rumble and decide it’s time for dinner, my mind struggles to come up with a decision. After a decent amount of time wasted I decided upon grilled cheese. While I’m cooking the sun sets faster than I anticipated, the sound of my TV fills the room and so does the scent of my food. I place it on a nice plate and begin to eat my dinner. Halfway through I yawn and the tiredness of the day sets in. I decide I can finish the food in my bedroom. Walking into my hallway past my bathroom and into my bedroom as soon as I enter a chill goes up my spine, it stops me in my tracks. It take me awhile to notice but when I do my heart stops. The grinning face staring at me through my window. The gray feature less dead set on me. I feel my breathing quicken and I drop my plate, the noise fills my apartment and the sound replays over and over again in my head, my body frozen with fear. “Am I truly seeing this” my shaky voice lets out. There has to be an explanation. I’m on the 14th floor. I turn my light on the face disappears. I sigh, my mind just playing tricks on me. I take a second to calm my heart rate. I head to my bathroom to splash some water in my face. The cold water calms me slightly, honestly better than nothing. I wipe off my face and head back to my room. I go to turn off my light and keep my eyes on where I saw the face. Turing the light off revealed nothing. I remind myself it’s all in my head and lie in bed. The face still stays fresh in my mind, I feel my mind slowing down and sleep takes me. My eye open, drowsiness makes my eyes heavy, a lingering feeling of dread fills me instantly. Panicked from this feeling I sit up and look around, nothing presents itself. Then a silhouette catches my eye in the darkness of my room. I stare at it unsure if I’m seeing is just another thing in my room and my brain is just tricking me. My eyes adjust to the darkness and more features are identifiable. The face same as before is in my room I’m frozen unable to move. It moves closer and closer I try to yell but no noise emitts from my mouth. The thing is on my bed. The same grinning face is on my bed moving closer, I’m shaking terribly and nears closer. It’s reaches a hand towards me and it’s hand reaches towards me and covers my eyes. A raspy voice fills my room “shhh”

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