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Write The Ending – Option 2 – White Sky

Sky is all white, matching just about everything with the snow that had fallen six weeks ago. We won’t see any colour for lots of months now. It is extra quiet cuz of the holiday and living in a small northern town; quiet is the way it is. The ice-cold air, though, cold enough to freeze any sound that might intrude, is the real source of the silence. This proved true when one of those big trucks everyone drives here came bounding up the hill toward me; I could feel its rumble as I slow to watch it, deep and penetrating, a  welcome comfort to jar the silence. Driver hits the gas, sharing the full force of the machine and then it is gone, only its pure white breath lingering in a  form that holds to nothin’ but is somehow more real than its maker.

By Sadie Streetper

I like it here, I feel a soothe feeling of comfort in my days spent in Fort Nelson. The long, cold winters are a time of peace for me. Other than the snow storms we have occasionally, sometimes I like to rip into mother nature’s world of wilderness on my snowmobile, watching the snow past the wonder in my eyes as the skidoo creates some sort of repeated pattern with the snow. Left, right, left, I turn the machine in different directions, sometimes I like to think how lucky we are to do something as wonderful as this. A special place here of course, we call it the sliding hill.

Just by the heritage museum, year round people bring their machines, sleds and we all have our own fun. I think of it as a song on repeat, with the sounds of the motors in machines, and young children expressing their joy of laughter. This all lights up the peace in the town we’re in, that my quiet, burnt mind turns into a blissful flame of fire. Life here isn’t always like this though, nature calls the sun, the sun does its job, melting the plain, chilling snow and having Fort Nelson turn into a place full of bright colour.

Springs here are rather gloomy in my opinion. I walk outside my house, walking by the muddy puddles that stare into my reflection. The snow, slowly turning into dirt, letting the grass bloom once again. Us people at this time, put away our snow machines and we wait until next time. It is now, slowly, becoming a time where we can speed through the trails with our quads, side by sides, dirtbikes, you name it. Our vehicles, ready to say hello to the world again for another season. I also notice people welcoming their campers again, as us as people, we find camping something to do.

Slowly, summer comes by. The world is colourful, the sun is shining, and I hear the song of peoples dirtbikes bolt by. School is coming to a close for the year, a time of freedom. I tuck away my textbooks and pencils, ready to wander around Fort Nelson’s sunny, hot, happy times. I help my family pack up the camper, it’s time for adventure. We also bring a riverboat along. Muncho Lake, truly a wonderful place, ready to be welcomed again with open arms and more memories to be made. We arrive, I stare into the blue, shiny water. It makes my eyes sparkle, while going around the twisting, turning rollercoaster of a road to our campsite. Camping is something we love to do, our campers being welcomed into a place of happiness, people ready for another good time.

I go out on the riverboat, with my fishing rod ready for another catch. I think the fish here in Muncho are definitely clever, they are a hard catch. But I wait, and time goes by. I look around the bright, rocky mountains and the sounds of other riverboats coming by. It is then I feel my fishing road start to move, it’s now a battle, between myself and the fish. It does take time, until I welcome myself with a new catch, a lake trout. It’s not too big, not too small, it’s perfect. I head back to camp full of joy and accomplishment. Later as the sun sets, I spend a good time at the fireplace, letting the heat touch my marshmallow on a stick, ready to turn golden. Seagulls glide by second by second, hoping for food, the sound of country music makes the mood more brighter. I later head into the camper for the night, ready for a new day.

But new days turn into weeks, and before you know it, it’s fall. The leaves turn colors, ready to glide off the trees. The weather turning more brisk. We put away our campers for the season, ready to be used next time for another summer. Winter is around the corner, I spend my days letting my mind relax as I walk through the community trail, watching leaves glide past my face, the sun shining. I feel at peace again. Fort Nelson is slowly turning back into its peaceful environment as the grass turns into snow. The weather turns from brisk to cold. I was more than ready to start taking out my snowmobile again, and Fort Nelson is ready for another winter season. The year comes to a close, and I think of the possibilities that can happen in the next year. I watch the sun set, since days are becoming shorter again. I let out a breath and smile.

As the truck disappears from view, I am left with the deafening silence once again. It’s funny how something so loud can create such a peaceful moment. I continue down the hill, my mind wandering as I take in the monochromatic scenery. I think about how different life is here, how the cold and the snow are a part of everyday life, and how the silence is something that is both comforting and unsettling.

As I near the bottom of the hill, I notice a group of children playing in the snow. They are bundled up in their winter gear, their faces rosy from the cold, but they are laughing and having the time of their lives. For a moment, I am transported back to my own childhood, and I feel a sense of nostalgia wash over me. It’s moments like these that make me grateful for living in a small northern town, where the simple things in life can bring so much joy.

(This was generated as part of a AI experiment with AI storytelling. I wanted to see if ChatGPT could finish stories in different ways when prompted. – Heather M)

As I stand there, watching the truck disappear into the distance, I can’t help but feel a sense of longing. Living in a small northern town has its perks, but it can also be isolating at times. The silence that surrounds me is a constant reminder of how alone I am in this world. I start walking down the hill, my steps heavy with the weight of my thoughts.

As I near the bottom of the hill, I notice a figure in the distance. At first, I think it’s just a tree, but as I get closer, I see that it’s a person. A wave of relief washes over me as I realize that I am not alone. I approach the person, and as I get closer, I see that it’s an old man. He is bundled up in a thick coat and hat, and his face is weathered and lined with age. He looks up at me and smiles, and for a moment, I feel a sense of connection. We stand there in silence, just taking in the beauty of the winter landscape.

It’s then that I realize that even in the midst of silence, there can be a sense of community and belonging.

(This was generated as part of a AI experiment with AI storytelling. I wanted to see if ChatGPT could finish stories in different ways when prompted. – Heather M)