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2023 Write the ending

New for 2023- We didn’t get many entries, so Heather was kind enough to include some A.I. story endings! Click on the Story Title below to see the generated outcomes.

Write The Ending – Option 1 – $27.35

I know that I must keep my hands in my pocket all the way to the store so that my $27.35 doesn’t fall out. This is my life savings from doing work around the house for mom and now I get to go to the store to buy something with my own money. The closer… Read More »Write The Ending – Option 1 – $27.35…

Write The Ending – Option 2 – White Sky

Sky is all white, matching just about everything with the snow that had fallen six weeks ago. We won’t see any colour for lots of months now. It is extra quiet cuz of the holiday and living in a small northern town; quiet is the way it is. The ice-cold air, though, cold enough to… Read More »Write The Ending – Option 2 – White Sky…