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Can you hear me, now?

by: Susan J. Hay

At one time, we waited if we were apart
For a letter to reach us before we could start
To know what an aunt, or a sister or brother
Were up to, were feeling, or if there was a bother

Then faster and faster letters could travel
By telegraph and telegram the news could unravel
If you had something to tell that was urgent or dire
Let your folks know by sending it out on a wire

A more convenient method soon did arrive
Let your friends know that you were truly alive
You only had to just pick up the phone
And invite them over and come to your home

And then, what wonders the phones shrank and shrank
It’s very convenient, but who do we thank
We carry them with us everywhere that we go
It seems that the phone won’t let us say no

Now, we don’t talk we just send a text
It’s scary to think about what will come next
Will we stop talking forever, and only send signs
I think waiting for a nice, newsy letter sounds fine.